Free ADLS® system

flip chart diagram

The complete system (flipchart and clipboard) will increase your chance of survival. The Flipchart contains detailed information on each Dental Emergency AND includes targeted Dental Office ACLS protocols, all color-coded for easy reference. Click on either picture for a more expanded view.

ADLS clipboard
The huge Clipboard has full-color ACLS protocols on the front AND and a rapid reference to Dental Emergencies on the back required by most Dental Boards! You receive a free ADLS® during my visit (it retails for $199).

During my visit, I will check your office for legal compliance on how to properly document:

      • Your controlled medications (triazolam, valium, fentanyl etc.) to satisfy Federal Department of Drug Enforcement (FDA) requirements
      • In-house simulation training of staff on a periodic basis
      • Bi-weekly equipment checks of all equipment (oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, ect)
      • AED checks
      • Expiration dates on drugs, AED batteries, portable oxygen cylinders, etc.
During my visit, I will set up your medication and airway kit. I will go through each of the medications and teach your team how to prepare them for infusion, check each item of your equipment for adequacy, office placement, and how to use it.   I will suggest alternatives to your emergency items that may be more Dentist-friendly.  I will go through each piece of your current equipment inventory and you can make decisions based upon your needs.
drug labels The ADLS® system includes a system of color labels to identify all of the ACLS drugs, IV equipment, and advanced airway devices.  The colors on the emergency flowcharts make ACLS drug therapy go smoothly.  In addition, An “emergency documentation sheet” is included to make recording “what is ” easier for the staff recorder.  Remember, the staff has to write down everything that is happening, the drug, its dosage, and the times it was administered.  Using pictues makes the documentation easier and serves the useful purpose of keeping the Dentist from making a mistake during an emergency.

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