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VSU, INC. is an approved PACE program provider with the Academy of General Dentistry (ADG). Please note the above logo and approval status and dates for VSU. When the training course is completed successfully as designed, ACLS participants will receive 9.0 CE credits and the staff 6.0 CE credits in the PARTICIPATION category.

Please download the seminar brochure by clicking the Brochure picture to the right for a complete breakdown of the seminar including times, objectives covered, etc.

A standard ACLS course doesn't begin to prepare you or your staff for emergencies likely to occur in a dental practice. It doesn't help your office environment of apprehensive staff. Unfortunately, you can't solve the training problem by taking your staff to a training facility....they have to train on your equipment, in your office, under your leadership. The solution....have me come to you....certify two of you and train the rest of your staff to support you. While I'm there I will survey your office and maximize your office for legal requirements for emergency documentation and equipment efficiency. ADLS brochure


    Click on the above picture to download a copy of the brochure/list of objectives for the training of your staff. It goes into more detail concerning schedules, objectives covered, hours of CE, and cost.
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During my visit, you and your staff will be trained using your emergency equipment in your operatories.  During these practice emergencies, you may find that your crash cart is too bulky to move quickly or you might find that your staff didn’t really know what to bring when you called for an emergency response. It is so easy to store the equipment away...out of sight...out of mind and don't realize that it is difficult to bring when requested. The emergency wraps that I have developed are a case in point.
drug wrap pic They are designed for small operatories. The bags are light, easy to carry, and easily expose all of the medications to your view not in drawers difficult to find. I designed them to lay over the patient's legs keeping airway wrap pic
them in a central location not underfoot during an emergency. Go ahead and click on either or both of the pictures to bring up a picture exploding the contents.
I employ dental emergencies such as larygospasm, bronchospasm, and allergeric reactions (to name a few) as the origin for these emergency simulations. How useful are primarily cardiac simulations for a dentist?  I will keep it real using simulated emergencies that the dentist might actually experience. I will go over each of the treatment modalities with you prior to each simulation. It is important for you to be knowledgable and "in charge" in front of your staff. Through this hands-on workshop, you and your staff (both front and back office) will be taught to act as a unit, an Emergency Response Team (ERT).  With you as stress graphic
team response cards team leader, each person will be cross-trained so that they could act as any member of the team:  CPR compressor, Ventilator, Recorder, Defibrillator, Front Office, or Medication specialist.   Training emphasis will be two-thirds on cognition and one-third on hands-on psychomotor skills. I will leave you detailed cards, such as the picture on the left, that explains the job description for each team member. Everything revolves around simplicity and immediacy of recall.
You and your staff will be taught: a) 911 scripting; b) oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway placement; c) use of pocket face mask; d) bag valve masking (Ambu bag); e) use of the AED;  f) proper utilization of your mobile oxygen tank; g)  placement of an advanced airway; h) assisting the Dentist in starting an intravenous line or intraosseous line; i) assisting  the Dentist in assembling appropriate ACLS drug therapy and  finally, j) to keep the Dentist on task with color flow charts….all in pictures. Click on the picture on the right for a more detailed look (pdf file 3MB). pulseless rhy pic

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