Two for one ACLS Certification

Well, lets talk about making ACLS certification easier and at the same time, prepare your office for any emergency. To start off, I will get you and one of your staff certified in ACLS for the same price I charge for one client. That's right! For first time "onsite" clients only, I offer ACLS certification and ACLS books for you as well as another of your employees. There are no additional charges.

Statistically, the most common person to go down in a dental office is the Dentist, so having a staff member trained to resuscitate you or assist in an emergency will be time, effort, and money well spent. You can't do better at a dental organization paying for two participants.

Please note that the ACLS certifications must be you and a co-worker, an associate, or a dental professional employee from your office. The offer of a complimentary second certification is void if the person doesn't work for you.. The idea is to have a second person trained in your office in case you are the patient.

2 for 1 ACLS coupon

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