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Travel Expenses

Dr. Dave’s travel is comprised of four (4) separate expense categories :

  1. Airfare:  Dr. Dave primarily flys Delta through Memphis, TN.  A coach ticket in the US can vary from $450 to $999 depending on a) the distance from Memphis, b) traveling dates, c) time of day; and d) whether the ticket has multiple stop overs vs nonstop flights.  Dr. Dave travels so often that he prefers to travel in the morning and employs nonstop flights whenever possible.

  2. Airport parking:  Dr. Dave makes a round trip of 100 miles to access Memphis
    International Airport and is charged $22/day to leave his car in a secured garage.

  3. Per Diem:  A daily per diem for $195/day which includes all lodging, meals, and gratuities.  This rate holds true even through some destinations are more expensive to stay than the per diem levied.  A contract usually has 1.5 travel days and one teaching day for a total per diem of 2.5 days; however, during the worst of winter, he usually schedules one extra travel day so he always show up regardless of the weather.

  4. Car rental:  Dr. Dave uses the least expensive mode of transportation, a standard sized car from Hertz, Alamo, Budget, or National car rental.  Common charges vary from $35/day to $85/day depending on the destination airport and the traveling dates.

Dr. Dave recoups his traveling costs from the client based upon the cost of airfare, airport parking, daily per diem, and car rental.  He always tries to travel as inexpensively as possible so to keep client costs low.

If multiple client contracts can be scheduled in concert with each other (i.e. compatible dates), the total expenses can be divided among the contracted clients to further decrease the travel expense to each client.  It just makes sense to be able to divide the expenses whenever possible.

If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Dr. Donna Harmon, PhD
662-363-6940 (back line, always answered)

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