Dr. Doernbach has taught over 40,000 health professionals and counting

VSU Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Tunica, Mississippi. Dr. David Doernbach, Ed.D., our nationally acclaimed medical educator, has been providing Advanced Life Support instruction since 1975. During those first formative years, he was instrumental in starting up the majority of the hospital-based ACLS programs throughout the state of Arkansas. His extremely entertaining teaching style, makes each of his courses enjoyable as well as informative.

Dr. Doernbach received his Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California at Riverside. He received both his Masters and Doctoral Degrees from the University of Arkansas in Adult Education. His teaching methods in medical education are noteworthy as he has made a thriving business out of assisting adults to be successful in ACLS. A little known fact - over the last three decades, Dr. Doernbach has taught more advanced life support education to more health professionals than anyone in the nation. As of 2012, he has taught over 42,000 health and dental professionals. His motto is...."Repetition is the mother of Retention" Learning all revolves around repetition.

In 1978, he initiated the first ACLS course at the University of Arkansas Medical School where he held a teaching post as Assistant Professor in the Department of EMS. He later held a post as Clinical Faculty in the Department of Anesthesiology.  He was the first Arkansas coordinator for Advanced Trauma Life Support® (ATLS) with the American College of Surgeons for over twenty years.  In addition, he held a Clinical Faculty post with the Respiratory Therapy Department at NorthWest Mississippi Community College in Southaven, Mississippi lasting 3 years.

How to Survive ACLS two editions In the field of medical textbook authoring, Dr. Doernbach co-authored the first two editions of :  ECG Workout:  Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation published by JB Lippincott and was the author of How to Survive ACLS which is sold internationally while translated into Chinese, both of which were published by JB Lippincott. 
HTS CD label In the field of computer programing and video, Dr. Doernbach programmed the CD, How to Survive ACLS, to make preparing for the ACLS course easier and less stressful. He is also featured lecturing in a video designed to understand the mysteries of basic ECG identification for Dental Professionals. ECG label

Lacking in most other instructors, his unique techniques of motivation, teaching, and stress reduction have been honed over many hundreds of ACLS courses and thousands of students. Dr. Doernbach makes his living teaching Emergency Medicine, education is not just a sideline.